Allies SPs Agree: July 25 Play Party Best So Far!

By Allyson Creighton

The best to date! That’s what the Allegra Allies and service providers (SPs) who attended are saying about the July 25th, 2019 Allegra Play Party. Held once again at Toronto’s elegant Darling Mansion, the Play Party hosted by Allegra’s “hostess with the mostest” Nikki Thomas was a wild bacchanal.

Yet again, the orgy featured a one-to-one balance between 28 allies and 28 SPs who ripped off their clothes and got dirty together; although sharing was definitely encouraged.

Once again, you don’t take my word for it: The comments below come from the actual Allegra Allies and SPs who attended the July 25th Allegra Play Party. (Note: To respect their privacy, we have omitted comments about the wickedly-kinky activities that took place between Nikki and her special companion… Also, please note that many SPs chose to engage in activities at this party that they may not offer in one-on-one sessions; please do not assume that the events at this party are a pure reflection of an SP’s typical range of services!)

The Vibe

According to the sagacious Allegra Allies who joined us on July 25th, the vibe at the latest Allegra Play Party was pretty much perfect. “It was unrushed and everything happened naturally,” said Warren (as with all allies, this is the pseudonym he chose). “It felt like it went on longer than the previous party!” Better yet, “There seemed to be more girls at this one,” Warren added. “All the ladies were receptive and enthusiastic!”

“I loved that I had the chance to interact with more ladies than the previous event,” agreed SF. “Assigning a SP greeter to every client was a great idea.”


The Hottest Things The Allies Did and Saw!

Just as people used to read Playboy for the nudes (although the interviews were good), the allies and SPs at the July 25th Allegra Play Party were here for the hottest sex. And judging from what they told us in an after-event survey, the hottest sex is what they experienced!

“I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Carlee and Angie,” said DaveJ. “Aside from their natural beauty and very hot bods, these two young women have an extraordinary sexual energy that is not to be missed. Spending time with them was pure joy, no other way to say it. Maybe a bit over the top, but I would consider these two edgy babes ‘national treasures’;

For his part, ally Powerten savoured watching “Ariel enjoying two (or was it three) men.” John D went for a bigger crowd. He enjoyed “ALL the people (eight?) on the four-poster bed” (his caps). There was, “Steamy sex everywhere I looked.”

Warren said his hottest experience at the Allegra Play Party occurred, “When there was a mishmash of people on one of the beds and it was steamy as hell with all the fucking, sucking and kissing!”

When it came to the hottest times, ally Rico told us that “there were a lot of things.” Rico attended with his guest, Violet Lee, who followed the footsteps of Cynthia Cox (who attended the previous party as a female client). So Rico had many highlights; “One of them was “Me doing Violet Lee in doggy while she was kissing Aura Electra as she was being fucked — and then I blew my load all over Aura’s massive titties.” Then there was “Violet sucking my cock as she was being penetrated by her friend Cynthia Cox with a strap on — while Cynthia was sucking two guys too at the same time.”

This was followed by “Me, Violet Lee, and Special Guest Addilyn Castle sharing a hot shower scene together,” said Rico. “And, of course, watching massive orgy scenes as they happened with my date Violet, and joining in where we can. Thank you NIKKI! :-)”

Cowboy Jim was most impressed by, “Sage in the throes of wave after wave of multiple violent orgasms. I worry sometimes that it may result in cardiac arrest!!!”

Meanwhile, ally CY told us that, “It has been a while since I have had a hat trick in an evening’; specifically, a hat trick of orgiastic pleasure.


CY’s Top Three Hottest Moments:

“1) A three-way DFK with myself, Sweet Baby Jamie and Brea. Eventually I was on the bed with three couples in total. Digits with Skye Nyx and having Brea Bell lick the juices off my fingers.” Editor’s note: Skye is currently on an extended hiatus, having opted to take some time away from the industry. We hope this party was an appropriate swan song for her, but we also hope she might make a guest appearance at a future event!

“2) Experiencing Atley’s non-stop orgasm quakes. Multiple positions finishing in missionary with a tight embrace for one of her last orgasm quakes and shortly after I finished inside her. It was so awesome we gave each other high fives.”

“3) This started off with Madeleine asking if she could suck my cock. This happened in the hallway upstairs. It was so hot. Eventually we moved to the bedroom where she continued sucking me off. Madeleine wanted DP so another guy joined in for double penetration (pig roast). He was doing her doggy-style and I was face-fucking. It was so hot. It alternated between face-fucking and blowjob deep throat action. This happened in the final minutes of the evening.”

Rick’s hottest moments encompassed the entire evening: “Sharing one or more ladies and witnessing their sheer excitement! I have never had my dick sucked so much in one evening and I also got to lick a lot of pussies! Absolutely adorable!”

“How many BJs I had in one evening and how many pussies I got to taste,” echoed ally Kenigman. “I ate so much pussy I woke up Friday morning with whiskers!” said JJ.

“One of the hottest things was when Berlin was ridding me, which is a view to behold!” said Rob_n. “At the same time, Eliza was licking my balls while being in doggy action with another gentleman and Bella was kissing me while Sage was eating her out, I guess I will never forget this.”

“Another moment was when I was doing Carlee from behind while she was eating Bella’s and finally the one-on-one moment with Ariel while a gentleman was watching from a distance!” Rob_n concluded. “It was an amazing night, definitely ticking off a bucket list item.”


The Hottest Things The SPs Did and Saw!

The lusty passion enjoyed by the Play Party’s Allegra Allies was shared – if not surpassed – by the many gorgeous SPs who attended.

“The hottest thing I experienced at the party was being fucked by a great client, and I called over a voyeur and asked him if he would fill my mouth for me,” said Cynthia Cox. “Then he gave me a stellar facial while I was being fucked.”

“Kenigman has a great cock,” said Aura Electra. “I saw him and his cock from across the room. I had to meet him. We found a quiet spot to ourselves. He told me a wild story and I was completely captivated by him. Then he ate me out like the pussy-eating god of an orgasm-giver he is. We moved inside to a bedroom with mirrors, where I could watch me, him, and soon the group of people who gathered to watch me gush all over his thick cock. I watched them watching me and Ken, and it felt like I was living my best life.”

“The big group on the bed,” Madeleine Ellanson said. “Taking a strap-on, whilst I was sucking three cocks.”

“Looking up at the mirror on the ceiling and seeing a pile of moving bodies,” recalled Atley Smith. “Also the amazing moment I was lying on someone’s leg and it cramped, and the whole bed made a group effort to move so they could fix it. And then the whole bed laughed about it. Humour and sex are the best dinner ever.”

Tgirl Stephie Scarlett played a pivotal part in the night’s revels, judging by many reports. Stephie’s personal hottest moment was, “Fucking Bella from behind while she held Sage’s hand, after Sage demanded Bella have a turn with me after she’d just played with me.”

Another thing we don’t normally do is use all-caps in the Allegra blog, but this is how Elizabeth Lorde described her hottest experiences after answering our other questions in lower case. “I FINALLY GOT SPIT ROASTED AGAIN. AND I GOT TO SIT ON A GUYS FACE WHILE SUCKING ANOTHER GUY’S DICK WHILE SAGE SUCKED THE DICK OF THE GUY WHOSE FACE I WAS SITTING ON. YAY!!!”

In a departure from past events, the Allegra SPs voted for a Special Guest SP to attend the event, which was Addilyn Castle. Her hottest Play Party memory is of “Disappearing behind the curtain into the shower room with Violet Lee and her date. Soap, water, and a thoughtfully-placed plastic chaise made for very warm, slippery mischief for three, while we continued to listen in on the sounds of the party beyond the fabric. Also, all the spanking that took place in the room with the swinging bed; I’m so glad I brought my paddle with me!!”

We close with Harper Kennedy’s simple but sexy hottest thing: “When about six of us were all playing together and taking turns going down on me!”

Once Again, Happy That They Came

With hot first-person testimonials like those above, it is indisputably clear that the July 25h, 2019 Allegra Play Party was the hottest to date. This assessment is shared by Allegra Allies and SPs alike.

According to ally Rick, credit for the night’s success must go to “The ladies and their energy and willingness to please as well as the open sensual atmosphere of the party! Outstanding and awesome!”

His opinion is shared by ally JJ, who cited, “The fact that all the ladies were so happy and eager to please all the clients”.

“ OMG – 28 exceptionally beautiful and passionate women all in one Mansion!” said DaveJ. “Pretty much ‘heaven on earth’, eh? The entire building was ‘inhibition-free’. Each and every provider worked soooo hard to spread joy throughout the house — thanks to all of you! And, THANK YOU for all the work that went into creating a most enjoyable orgasmic evening! Just, ‘WOW’!”

Hostess Nikki Thomas isn’t surprised that so many people had so much fun. “Honestly, I hate the idea that I’m getting used to throwing these epic parties, but I’m kind of getting used to throwing these epic parties,” she laughed. “The ladies who work with us are so professional, and the allies who attend are so respectful, it makes it so much easier for me to organize things and enjoy everyone making magic together. One thing I’ve noticed, there’s always a group of SPs who have been to a previous party who welcome the new SPs to the event, and help them navigate their first orgy, but there’s also a group of Allies who do the same for the gents who are first-timers. So, everyone picks up on the vibe right away, which is one of openness, respectfulness, and joy – and once it starts, I just relax and drink it all in. It’s a peak experience that I’ll always remember.”

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