Nikki’s January 2020 Debaucherous Birthday Play Party Thrills Allies, SPs Alike!

By Allyson Creighton

Is it possible for Allegra’s Play Parties to keep getting hotter? Judging by the feedback following, Nikki’s Debaucherous Birthday Play Party on January 30, 2020, the answer is an irrefutable YES!

Once again held at Toronto’s exquisite Darling Mansion, the party that matched equal numbers of loyal Allegra Allies and lovely SPs in a fun-loving, friendly, and utterly uninhibited orgy was overseen by birthday babe/“hostess with the mostest” Nikki Thomas. Her erotic leadership kept the sex flowing all evening long!

(To respect their privacy, we have omitted comments about the wickedly-naughty activities that took place between Nikki and her special kinky companion. [Author’s Note: That said, I got to read them, and … oh my! OH MY!!!!] Also, please note that many SPs chose to engage in activities at this party that they may not offer in one-on-one sessions; please do not assume that the events at this party are a pure reflection of an SP’s typical range of services!)


Why They Came (And Most Assuredly They Did)

The Allegra Allies who came to (and came during) Nikki’s Debaucherous Birthday Play Party did so for many reasons. Some had simple reasons for attending: “I crave debauchery,” said DaveJ. (To protect privacy, all names are pseudonyms provided by the Allies themselves.) “Always wanted to be part of an orgy!” added Racer. 

Other allies had more complex reasons. “I’ve been hearing a lot about the parties from the Allegra ladies and have always wanted to attend the previous ones but went through with it,” said ally Jay. “Couldn’t think of a better way to pop my first Allegra Play Party cherry than to celebrate it with Nikki’s birthday.” 

“I always wanted to be part of this experience,” Saahil said. “Have seen a lot of beautiful women around the world individually, a group play party was  always in the coming. I chose Nikki’s birthday after having read the last couple of reviews.”

“This was my third Allegra party,” said Warren. “They never disappoint!”


The Vibe

Allegra’s Play Parties are renowned for their friendly, respectful, playful and sexually charged atmospheres, and this party kept that vibe going. “The setting was fantastic and it was well organized,” said NomDePlume. “A real sex-positive environment. Everyone was very vocal about consent, and the girls were very eager to fulfill all of our desires. Truly a great night.”

“The atmosphere of this event was very relaxing and laid back,” said Allegra SP Ariel Spring. “All the clients and ladies were both eager yet respectful of boundaries. The crowd as a whole seemed to be genuine.”

“The atmosphere and everyone being so casual and just there to have a good time!” agreed Allegra SP Julie Reid. “Loved how respectful the clients were and just every single lady working together to make a comfortable space for everyone. Absolutely loved it!!”

Added TJ, “The sheer sexual energy and creativity unleashed when that many people are indulging themselves never ceases to amaze!”


The Hottest Things The Allies Did and Saw!

Okay, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for: The hottest, most erotic, and mind-blowing things that our Allegra Allies saw and did during Nikki’s Debaucherous Birthday Play Party. As the following comments reveal, lots of going on during this orgy. Among the short comments provided by our Allegra Allies:

  • “Watching Sephora make love to Carlee with a strap-on while I played with four boobs,” said Steve.
  • “Blow job with Lily after having oral sex with her and experiencing her cum,” said DocMartin.
  • “Three couples all fucking on the same bed, kissing, touching, and the mirror above offering the perfect view of the action!” said TJ. 
  • “Nikki’s and Lily’s S&M play,” said Marlowe. “So exciting!”

It gets better (if that is possible). How about, “Hearing, seeing, (and being part of several of) Carlee’s 112 orgasms!” said ally DaveJ. “ Did you know that every time Carlee giggles, an angel gets their  wings (adapted from the porn version of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’)?”

“When I was playing with one of the absolutely lovely ladies and I was able to blow my load, I asked if I can release on her stomach and chest and she said yes,” said Warren. “But since she turned me on so much, my blast was quite substantial and powerful that not only did it land all over her stomach and chest, but unintentionally all over her face as well. I was afraid that she would be upset, but told me she thought it was so hot and that turned me on even more!”

“The highlight of my night was when I had the opportunity to fulfill Angie’s DP fantasy not once but three times, with Madeline Davis as our DP coordinator,” said Jay.

“Just multiple groups of people getting it on!” said Rico. “Lots of activities in all the rooms. Sweet Baby Jamie getting ‘pig-roasted in a hot threesome scene with two dudes in the main room upstairs at around 11 PM was so HOT! Really that main bedroom seemed to be the focal point of action towards 11 pm. I myself had a nice four-way going with Julie Reid, Ariel Spring and another dude in the beginning. I was eating Julie Reid’s pussy, while Ariel was sitting on top of Julie’s face as Ariel was sucking another dude. Then Julie was giving me a BJ while Ariel was getting doggied by the other dude and I got to play with Ariel’s tits. Very lovely way to start the evening.”

“Jesus, how about the entire thing,” said NomDePlume. “Began the night upstairs with a bunch of bodies on a bed and I can’t remember everyone I played with. Switching off with Phedre, Brea Bell and Berlin Moss was so fucking sexy! I enjoyed getting spanking lessons from and Nikki on Sweet Baby Jamie before I came all over her face. Then later upstairs Brea Bell took care of me once again. Oh, and Lily James grabbed me and gave me an amazing blow job while I watched Jamie take on three cocks for a blow bang. So much fun.”

“There wasn’t just one thing. It was all the way hot from start to finish,” said D. “I loved what felt like, and the genuine sexual connection I experienced with all of the SPs I got to play with. I loved that there were so many I got to play with.”


Hottest Things Seen and Done by SPs

For the Allegra Allies who attended Nikki’s Debaucherous Birthday Play Party, the event was all about immersing themselves in sexual bliss. For the equal number of Allegra Escorts who took part, it was all about … job satisfaction.

Lots of job satisfaction.

Asked about the hottest things they saw and did at the Play Party, here’s what our SPs told us.

“OMG so many things!!” said SP Carlee. “I keep thinking about getting strap-on fucked by Sephora under the ceiling mirror.” 

“Three couples were playing in the same bed,” said SP Julie Reid. “I was participating as well, and everyone was casually and respectfully interacting between each other while other people were around enjoying watching and waiting for ‘their turn’ like little puppies and being super excited. I adored the whole dynamic.”

“I got fisted by Brea!!!” said SP Ishara. (“Hands down the fisting action was mental to watch,” said SP Léa Rose.) “Also it was fun to watch Angie getting DP’d in the mirror ceiling room.” 

“I made out with a lot of hot SPs,” said SP Atley. “Also having three clients swapping out dicks because ‘sharing is caring’.” (Allegra heartily endorses Atley’s civic-mindedness.)

“Honestly I was having way too much fun playing with clients and providers I forgot to look around, but I’m sure a lot of really hot stuff happened,” said SP Angie Harlowe

“Everything!!!!!!” said SP Sweet Baby J. 



If you’re the kind of person who demands a moral to the hot sexy story above, then you’re the kind of person we want to be an Allegra Ally and take part in Play Parties like this one. You can sign up here to be added to our mailing list, and receive news and invites to events like this one. 

Back to the moral: If you combine the right mix of hot Allegra Escort SPs and respectful Allegra Allies in an elegant setting overseen by Nikki Thomas, then an incomparably hot orgy will ensue!

“This party was particularly special for me, because I was able to celebrate with so many current members of our collective, and many of them were attending their first play party. But we also had a few of our illustrious ‘Allegra Alumni’ attending the event as well,” said Nikki. “This industry isn’t one that people stay in forever, and many SPs move on to bigger and better things, often within a few months or a couple of years. A few of those ladies – Brea Bell, Atley Smith, Lily Jaymes, and Léa Rose – were gracious enough to join us. Each of them was a big part of building Allegra into the success that it is today, and for them to be a part of this event, and to guide a lot of the newer SPs through their first event, that was very special and amazing to watch.

“As the late, great, Leonard Nimoy said – ‘A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.’ The Allegra Alumni who attended this event were part of so many perfect moments in the past, which hold a wonderful place in my memory, and I was so happy they could be part of this perfect moment, and create wonderful memories for the newer Allegra SPs who attended as well. We’ll all be looking back on these events with fondness and joy, for many years after they occur.

“With that said – time to start planning the next one!” Nikki laughs.

A madam’s work is never done!