November 9, 2017

Allyson Creighton

Everyone says that their Halloween Party was the best ever. But I was at the 4th annual Allegra Escorts’ Halloween Party (in a chic little black dress that Allegra lent me) on Thursday October 26, 2017 in a chic downtown Toronto lounge – and it WAS the best party we’ve ever had; bar none!

I’m not the only attendee who thinks so, either. “The Halloween party was the best Allegra party I have been to,” agreed Brea Bell, who was rocking a sultry red and black cigarette girl’s outfit.

“When I walked in I immediately felt so many good vibes,” said Kylie Spears. who attended with sexy skeleton Ryan Lagosee. “Everyone was chatting, engaging with each other and smiling. I was so happy to be there!”

“It was certainly the best Halloween party that I have ever attended,” echoed the tall dashing bloke in the medieval costume; a.k.a. Allegra supporter and all-round gentleman Peter Dingwall. (Peter didn’t spend all of his time charming everyone in the room. “I discreetly went around with a favourite lady asking her opinion on potential duo partners,” he revealed.)

Okay, so let me set the scene for those of you who didn’t attend the 4th annual Allegra Escorts Halloween Party. The private room was packed with alluringly costumed lovelies – both affiliated with the Allegra Escorts Collective and independents – plus their attentive suitors; some of whom dressed up as well.

Imagine a room full of sexy ladies in all kinds of finery – including Brooke Hudson, Allegra’s very own feather-winged angel! – laughing and chatting with old friends and potential new ones. It was a feast for the eyes.

“All the sexy costumes!” sighed Kylie Spears. “And the ladies that wore them!”

It wasn’t just the Allegra ladies and indies who raised the room’s temperature. Allegra’s delectable Malcolm Lovejoy  also lit up the room with his raw sensuality and sociability. Like Kylie, Malcolm kept a close eye on the costumes, and filed the following report: “I remember seeing the Riddler from Batman; that guy was well dressed from head to toe in the supervillain suit,” he said. (Too true!)

Dina Doll had a jailbreak prisoner costume that was mind-blowing to me in many ways; especially the kinky and hilarious jokes she would tell that went along with her costume. And Peter Dingwall has to get a shoutout for being the most convincing Musketeer I have seen in many years.”

As impressive as the costumers were at the 4th annual Allegra Escorts Halloween party, it was the friendly, approachable vibe of the room that out everyone at ease. “The best part of it for me was being able to meet so many that I’ve chatted with online before, but never had that chance to engage with,” said Kylie. “Allegra gave me that opportunity at the party, and I’m so grateful for that.”

“Without exception everyone was warm and friendly,” said Peter Dingwall. “There should be a special shout-out to Allegra for inviting so many independent ladies!”

The night went from start-to-finish being full of fun, friendly conversation, and lots of sexy connections. Even when Closing Time arrived, there were still people having a good time. They had to turn up the lights to get us all to go home!

Looking back, those of us lucky enough to attend the Halloween party are now cherishing the memories of that night. “There were so many highlights,” said Kylie Spears. “I met many kind and interesting people who I hope to reconnect with again soon. I shared a few long awaited kisses, and got to help kill a zombie!”

“I had a very very wonderful time once again at the Allegra Halloween party, and OF COURSE I’ll be back next year!” declared Malcolm Lovejoy. “This was my third Allegra Halloween Party, and I don’t ever want to miss one. It’s a tradition!”

“What can I say?” concluded Kylie on behalf of everyone who was there that incredible night.  “It was the best Halloween ever!”