Allegra’s Spring Fling A Sensual Success!

May 18, 2016

Peter Berton

Mingling under glimmering crystal chandeliers, the Spring Fling’s mood was happy, friendly, and energized with erotic energy. At the same time, the sense of genuine fun and friendship was unmistakable: To envious, awe-struck pedestrians looking through the bar’s full-length glass windows, inside was the kind of A-List party everyone wants to be invited to; one where the women are beautiful, smart, sexy and strong – and the men giddy, admiring, and just plain delighted that such wonderful women wanted to talk with them!

“I wanted to throw a private party where the two sides of our world – the dedicated independents who make up our collective and the clients who truly treasure them – had a chance to know each other better,” said Allegra; herself an utter knockout in her classic little black dress, shimmering long blonde hair, and vivacious movie star smile. “The fact that everyone was able to come together and have a great time just talking, laughing, and sharing was magic! It was truly the kind of party that everyone hopes to throw.” With a laugh, she added, “of course, having a room full of delectable beauties plus a professional DJ and a full-service bar didn’t hurt!”

For lovers of feminine beauty, the gallery of artistically-pleasing forms was a feast to the eyes. In plain English, this author has never seen so many drop-dead sexy women in one place; with many generously displaying more than glimpses of their bountiful breasts – thank you!!! – and flirting with eager edginess. 

The women understood the heart-pounding draw of their allure. At one point, three of these beauties lined up side-by-side, their full breasts rising like hills from their dresses; looked this writer straight in the eye and teasingly asked just how exciting he found the idea of being together with them all at one time? I was so speechless, I could only stand there in aroused astonishment; my jaw almost hitting the floor. The women just laughed in friendly knowingness. They knew where the real power lay!

Like all memorable parties, the Allegra Escorts Spring Fling went through many moods. Initially the clients milled uncertainly around the room, like shy guys at a high school dance. But thanks to the warmth and friendliness of the lovely women who surrounded them, conversations soon began and the party took off. 

For the next number of hours, the room was a roar of sound as escorts and clients alike got a chance to interact socially, and really get a sense of each other’s depth (and mutual compatibility). There was lots of laughs and hugs, and a shared sense of being someplace special and rare.

As closing time approached, the party thinned; now becoming small clusters of chatting friends (old and new) intimate in a common place. The energy was now calm and comfortable, but still tinged with the sensual edge that ran throughout the Spring Fling. It was like the familiar afterglow that follows truly close and wonderful sex.

If it sounds like I am raving about the Spring Fling, it is because I am: It was an amazing event in so many, many ways! Many new friendships were struck between escorts and clients; with much-anticipated consummations likely on the horizon. But ties were also forged between the escorts themselves as they discovered their shared experiences and strengths, and the clients as they realized that they were no longer isolated in their appreciation of and reverence for smart, sexy women. It was more than just a great party; the roots of a hedonistic community were planted.

“There is actually something quite wonderful that can happen between self-directed, independent escorts who control their lives and love their work – because what we do has real emotional value – and mature, respectful and appreciative clients who are smart enough to know just how blessed they are in being with such women,” said Allegra. “These are the kinds of people who made the VIP guest list for our first Spring Fling – and they are why it was such an incredibly good time!”