By Allyson Creighton

On Thursday, February 1, 2018, history was made as an evenly-balanced group of Allegra Allies and escorts got together for our first ever Play Party!

For one very passionate and sex-filled evening, 35-40 like-minded people indulged in extremely erotic play in oh-so-many-combinations, witty banter, and lovely drinks/snacks provided under the mischievous eyes of Allegra’s Nikki Thomas.

We naturally surveyed our clients who attended the first Play Party, to learn what being in a room of ravishing, near-naked (and definitely naked) Allegra’s beauties was like for them. Here’s what they told us!

One Big Friendly Orgy… er, Party

Let’s be frank: Actually attending an orgy can be more intimidating that just fantasizing about being in one.

That’s a fact that many Allegra Allies were aware of beforehand. But any nervousness they might have felt was dispelled once they arrived in our penthouse full of sexy, smart, and friendly escorts.

“I loved the flow of the party,” said one Allegra Ally. “The party had such a fun, free-spirited vibe. All the ladies were very friendly and made the entire experience so welcoming.”

“(It was a) very good vibe,” agreed another Ally. “I was a bit concerned it was too many people, but things worked out quite well, probably because of the awesome attitude of the girls.”

In fact, “The size of the party (35-40) was a perfect size,” said yet another Allegra Ally. “There was 1-on-1 girl-to-guy ratio, which was perfect.”

A Welcoming Place

According to Allegra’s survey, the Allies who attended were commonly struck by how welcoming and genuine everyone was. (Speaking from personal experience, this isn’t always the case at such events.)

Among the comments from our Allies, as they recalled that evening spent with the lovely Allegra escorts:

“How friendly and open everyone was.”

“How comforting, kind and respectful everyone was!”

“Everybody was so friendly. (I) Was able to meet quite a few of the ladies.”

Committed Professionals

Despite their expertise as skilled courtesans, the lovely ladies of Allegra are as prone to shyness as the Allies – and for many, this was their first time attending a Play Party.

Still, the Allegra escorts who attended came to play, and put their all into it.

This fact was noticed by one Ally, who commented on “The fact that almost all the ladies showed up despite first time nervousness of some. It shows the level of trust and dedication to Captain Nikki and the good ship Allegra.”

He wasn’t alone. Another Ally cited “the attitude of the girls” as a key reason for the Play Party being such nice-and-naughty fun. “By 10 pm some of the girls were getting really tired, but they still went out of their way to please the guests,” he noted. “Kudos to such outstanding service.”

The Right Space

Allegra’s first Play Party was held in one of our chic downtown penthouses; a place many Allies know very, very well indeed.

For this reason, “I was skeptical that the PH would be big enough,” said one Ally. But “It was perfect. Despite the orgy ‘virgins’, everyone mingled and connected beautifully. The bar became a bit of a bottleneck but ended up being a great meeting place. I’ve been to several other events but none had the happy vibes that this did.”

The Girls Also Had Fun

Our Allegra Allies aren’t the only ones to say how much they enjoyed the first-ever Play Party. Many of the Allegra Escorts who attended made their happiness known after the fact on Twitter. (You can see these comments and more on Twitter by going to @AllegraEscorts.)

“Last night was amaaaazing!” tweeted Dina Doll “Oh, & of course I got spanked. Love meeting everyone.”

“Had such a good time at the play party last night!” agreed Phedre Nightbloom. “Wow! Such an amazing energy. Let’s do it again everyone! ;)”

“My goodness. What a wonderful day,” wrote Lucy Sloane. “Special thanks to @MsNikkiThomas @AllegraEscorts and all of you folks on Twitter for an amazing day and the sexiest of nights.”

“I’m currently somewhere called Euphoria – let you all know when I’m back,” tweeted Brooke Hudson; capturing the post-party mood as perfectly as possible.

Everybody Was Glad They Came

Clearly, the Allegra Play Party was a smashing success for Allies and Allegra Escorts alike.

“It was well organized, lots of food and drink, (and) all the ladies were friendly and eager to get to know everyone,” said one Ally.

“Everyone there made the night one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had,” said another. “So big big thank you Nikki!”

“No doubt Nikki was the queen, but Danika (Deja Vu) was my superstar!” wrote a third Ally.

“First, how beautiful Nikki was looking…” wrote a fourth. (We could go on like this all night.)

In fact, the only negative thing one can say about the first-ever Allegra Play Party is that it is over.

But fear not: “Now that our epic party is in the books, I’m getting excited about all the other awesome things we’re doing in the next few months!” tweeted Allegra.

We can only wait and dream!