Azura Rose: a Heady Erotic Adventurer

April 1, 2016

Allyson Creighton

Have you ever fantasized about having a bland romp with TV’s June Cleaver, the ultimate in vanilla sexuality? If so, then you’re in the wrong place, because blonde, blue-eyed Azura Rose is anything but bland and boring. Defining herself as “gleefully geeky and shamelessly slutty”, this alternative pro-submissive goth goddess/model/disabled rights activist was born to push the boundaries with her delightful 32C-28-40 frame – and she does! (You can see some of Azura’s modelling work at .

“My approach (to sex) is one of careful exploration, openness, and intrigue,” Azura proclaims. “I want to know what you desire, what your passions are. Above all, I want us to both be free to be different and expressive. That’s really what being alternative is all about!”

A few more tantalizing details about Azura Rose: She is a “tattooed gothic model with an interest in darker aesthetics,” she tells Allegra’s Blog. “I love corsets, black lace, and blacker eyeliner. I also love chocolate, stuffed animals, and kittens. I’m gentle, kind, no-nonsense, independent, and eccentric. I feel happiest surrounded by beauty and nature listening to music that heavily features driving drums, intricate strings or piano, and minor chords/tri-tones.”

Azura Rose came to escorting by way of Toronto’s BDSM community. “I found myself between jobs, and figured I spent enough on workshops and learning about kink that it made sense to go professional,” she confides. “I worked as a pro-submissive for a few months and added non-kink sessions for about a year before taking some time off. A friend tipped me off about the Allegra collective after I told her I was looking to get back to work.” 

Worth knowing: Azura chose the Allegra Escorts Collective because “with professional submission, a safe respectful workplace is paramount,” she explains. “I can’t do what I do without complete trust that people are watching out for me and will support me when I assert my boundaries. Allegra gives me that, as well as the sort of progressive and intersectionally feminist environment that I need as a disabled and queer person. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.”

Catering to all respectful comers – “I’m a queer person, so I’m open to all genders and disability friendly!” she says – Azura Rose provides GFE and pro-submissive experiences. “I’m accepting of all experience levels, and the attentiveness and service I’ve learned as a submissive can really add to a non-kinky session,” she says. “I tend to be slow, methodical, and languid to start, and I’m always up for a good cuddle!”

Also worth knowing: Pro-submissive does not mean here-to-be-abused. The relationship between a submissive and dominant must always be safe, respectful, and safe for all parties.

“Sometimes people hear that I’m a pro-submissive and they interpret that to mean that I’m meek or a doormat,” says Azura. “I am actually very assertive and independent until I feel someone has earned my service. My submission is something I choose to give. Pro-subbing is a way to help people feel safe to explore their sexualities, and I feel like we combat loneliness and isolation with what we do. We provide much needed comfort and connection that absolutely makes a difference with regards to mental health!

“People also think that I’m a bad feminist for my career or that I’m doing something wrong,” Azura adds. Nonsense! “I believe that connecting to my genuine sexuality and helping others to do so in a safe, respectful, consensual manner is important work, and that it is powerful to be vulnerable with people and to have them be vulnerable with me in a way that society often discourages,” she says.

Now the fun stuff: When asked what kinds of feelings and sensations that she can help her partners experience, Azura Rose replies, “I want my clients to feel cared for and absolutely safe to explore and be open. I may be a gothic girl, but we goths are much kinder and gentle than our stereotypes would have people believe. I feel like it’s not only possible, but important, to connect with our true natural selves and incorporate them into our lives no matter how outside the norm they may be.”

As for a special thing she does that really drives her partners wild? “I really like to find those little sensitive spots that are often ignored,” Azura answers. “The earlobes, the spot where the neck meets the shoulder, the scalp. Sometimes the most incredible things aren’t the most obvious ones, from a beautiful cemetery garden to a gentle caress down the back.”

Speaking of partners, those couples wishing to push the limits with Azura Rose should sit down first and talk it out before proceeding. “The biggest thing is to communicate and to truly listen to each other,” she says. “It’s okay to be nervous, but nothing is more upsetting to your third than discovering one of you is not excited to be there. We want to be there for both of you and bring you closer together.”

For those who are intrigued by Azura, but nervous about taking a plunge into the pool of alternative passion, she offers this timely advice.

“It’s really important for clients to be clear about what they like and don’t like, and to respect when I do the same,” says this goth goddess. “The worst thing you can do is to make assumptions or hope I can read your mind. Everybody is different and every body is different, and I need to know what works for you, from scheduling all the way to preferred kinds of touch. And if you do want to ask me about disability or my gothic interests or whatever, please be respectful about it. I reserve the right to revert back to disability rights activist at any time, but I promise to educate rather than berate!”

Finally, to make the most of your time with Azura Rose, “find a common interest for us to talk about during our cuddles!” she says. “ Look at my modelling art and tell me your favourite photoset! I’m all about connecting.” Afterwards, “let me know if I did a good job!” she laughs. You can do this in person, because after one time with Azura Rose, you will be back for more!