Malcolm Lovejoy: Professional Love Maker

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Malcolm Lovejoy: Professional Love Maker June 17, 2016 Allyson Creighton Imagine a beautiful, tall, dark and handsome man as sensitive and attentive to the needs and desires of his female lovers as he is to the care and exercise of his well-muscled frame. You’ve just conjured up Malcolm Lovejoy, Allegra’s pleasure prize for women who know they deserve [...]

Allegra’s Spring Fling A Sensual Success!

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 Allegra’s Spring Fling A Sensual Success!May 18, 2016Peter Berton With any luck, it will become a tradition! The first Allegra Escorts Spring Fling party on May 17, 2016 was packed with beautiful escorts in their best stylish (and sexy) evening wear; joined by appreciative, attentive, and oh-so-well-behaved clients in an upscale, downtown Toronto spirits bar. Mingling under glimmering [...]

Azura Rose: a Heady Erotic Adventurer

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Azura Rose: a Heady Erotic Adventurer April 1, 2016 Allyson Creighton Have you ever fantasized about having a bland romp with TV’s June Cleaver, the ultimate in vanilla sexuality? If so, then you’re in the wrong place, because blonde, blue-eyed Azura Rose is anything but bland and boring. Defining herself as “gleefully geeky and shamelessly slutty”, this [...]

Walk on the Wild Side with Stephanie Scarlet

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Walk on the Wild Side with Stephanie Scarlet March 10, 2016| Allyson Creighton Even before Lou Reed released his 1972 hit teasing listeners about sultry tgirl loving, people have fantasized about the erotic joys of women who come with “something extra”. If this fantasy has been keeping you – and the most important part of [...]

Why We Joined Allegra – and Why You Should Too!

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Why We Joined Allegra – and Why You Should Too! February 15, 2016 Allyson Creighton As an independent, worker-controlled collective, Allegra Escorts is always seeking independent service providers seeking a safe, respectful, profitable - and fun! - working environment. But don’t take our word for it. Let our smart, sexy SPs tell you why they joined [...]

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