By Allyson Creighton

It was billed as a birthday party for Allegra Escorts’ goddess Nikki Thomas. But the January 31st, 2019 Allegra Play Party at Toronto’s romantic elegant Darling Mansion was a gift for everyone who attended; clients and service providers (SPs) alike! (We even had a female client attend for the first time ever; such fun!!!)

Don’t take my word for it. We asked our clients and SPs about their hottest experiences at the Play Party. (Please note: The activities that the Allegra SPs engaged in are not necessarily activities that they offer in typical, one-on-one sessions; please do not book an SP expecting this to be the case. Additionally, for privacy reasons, we have omitted comments about the naughty activities that took place between Nikki and her special kinky companion that night. Sufficed to say, you should have been there!)

The Hottest Things The Clients Did and Saw!

To put it mildly, there was a tremendous amount of hot, heavy action at the Play Party — and a multitude of creative couplings. (The pseudonyms used below were provided by our clients, all of whom gave their express consent to be quoted in this article.)

“Probably the hottest thing I experienced was with Skye doing double penetration,” said Tony. “She took another gent in her ass while I fucked her pussy while she was in a reverse cowgirl position. Once the other gent came, Skye switched to doggy and then I fucked her ass until I came while she was stroking the other gent.”

Meanwhile, Marlowe905 experienced “a four-way with GraceVivien, and Azura! I’ve never experienced something so decadent!”

“For me?” said SF. “I managed to fist Brea Bell, which was amazing. I have managed to do this once before many years ago and doing it again was very satisfying for me.”

Client DaveJ did his best to emulate a Canadian hockey fan, and experienced a hat trick of hottest experiences. They were “1) Atley’s non-stop orgasms. 2) Carlee’s sensual embrace. 3) Skye’s DP.”

As mentioned above, this Play Party was also a birthday party for Allegra’s Nikki Thomas, and the birthday girl wasted no time joining in the very hottest sex.
She certainly made Rico’s list of hottest experiences. His Number One mention was “our host Nikki with a strapon doing Sweet Baby Jamie from behind in doggy. So hot,” he said. “That was near the end and it was just fun to watch.”

“Also Skye Nix being double penetration — vag and anally. Brea Bell was doing me in cowgirl, and Skye Nix was being DP’ed next to me, and Brea and Skye interacted with each other… so HOT! Special shoutouts to Skye Nix and Danika Déjà Vu for being PSE Superstars!”

“A sensuous fuck on a bed with a trio and another couple all sharing in the moment while being watched and masturbated to,” added TJ.

The last hot story goes to Orgylover4life. “When Malu was licking my balls and had her finger in my ass while another girl was sucking me off,” he said. “That’s the stuff that wet dreams are made of.”

The Hottest Things The SPs Did and Saw!

Make no mistake: The Allegra SPs who attended the January 31 Play Party also had lots of hot experiences at the Darling Mansion.

“How do I pick just one experience!” said Berlin. “I would have to say it was when some of the guys were watching while I was on one of the beds with our lady client (Cynthia) — she was using a dildo and the Hitachi on me simultaneously while Ishara and Brea were also playing right beside us.”

Berlin wasn’t alone in relishing play time with Cynthia. “The hottest thing I experienced myself was playing with Cynthia, our female client,” agreed Azura Rose. “The hottest thing I experienced was BreaIshara and myself caressing, fondling and playing with Cynthia,” said Lola Flores.

Other SP hottest experiences included: “Lola’s Eiffel tower, Cynthia and the three ladies on the four poster bed, me getting destroyed by Dorian and Nikki at the same time,” said Atley Smith.

“Me being fucked, while sucking the other guy’s dick with a former porn star,” said Malu Biondi.

Jamie was making Willow cum in the round chair and Grace got super turned on and demanded I sit down and so she could lick me,” said Kimber. “There were lots of spectators, which made it even more exciting.”

Other Allegra SPs clocked up equally hot times at the Play Party.

“(The) Hottest thing for me personally was being gang-banged by four men at once with another few masturbating and watching closely,” said Hannah Simpson.

“Being publicly spanked,” Grace Rose said. “Teasing the clients I connected best with and leaving them wanting more (hopefully for future bookings). Being an overall exhibitionist and voyeur all at once.”

“Watching Brea get fisted while I teased her nipples was incredible,” said Ishara. (Brea Bell’s joy was a big hit with many at the Play Party.)

“All the girl on girl play!” Kristina Violet said.

“I loved the sexy mess everywhere,” said Lily, in a nice sum-up of this orgiastically exceptional get-together. “Clothes strewn everywhere, naked bodies entangled around every corner, the moans of pleasure coming from every room. My favourite part was also that everyone was always smiling. Smiles equal success in my books.”

Happy That They Came

If you are seeking a moral to this story, then you’re in the wrong place. This was an Allegra Play Party, after all. Morals and other inhibitions were checked at the door!

That said, all the passion and pleasure that took place inside Darling Mansion was tempered by a shared respect between clients and SPs; all of whom treated each other with the mutual consideration that they deserve.

“I was very impressed with how friendly and courteous everyone was,” said SF. “Clients and SPs were relaxed and understanding that we were all here for a good fun time. I look forward to the next event.”

“The community, the incredible consent and safety I felt, makes sharing bodies and space with multiple people such joy,” agreed Atley Smith.

Of course, the fact that there were lots of sexy SPs for everyone made the clients, very, very happy.

“I think the final count was 28 ladies to 25 gents, so better than 1:1 ratio,” said Rico. “I like those odds. I got a duo immediately with Grace Rose and Luxx Sloane!”

“How incredibly empowering it was!” concluded Sage Hunter. “I enjoyed every minute!”

As for the Birthday Babe? “It was honestly the best birthday I’ve ever had,” said  Nikki. “Being surrounded by all my sexy colleagues, and our amazingly respectful clients, all of us having the time of our lives… What a great way to celebrate being two years short of 40. But most of all, I hope I’m still doing this when I’m 80!”

We can only hope to be so lucky!