Malcolm Lovejoy: Professional Love Maker

June 17, 2016

Allyson Creighton

Imagine a beautiful, tall, dark and handsome man as sensitive and attentive to the needs and desires of his female lovers as he is to the care and exercise of his well-muscled frame. You’ve just conjured up Malcolm Lovejoy, Allegra’s pleasure prize for women who know they deserve as much satisfaction as any man – and know where to find it!

“Satisfaction guaranteed is what my personal #1 priority is with the sex that I have with a woman,” says Malcolm. “I’m all about satisfying her body, mind and heart. If I wanted to just focus on me, I would just masturbate!”

Ladies take note: “When I have sex, it’s ALL about pleasing the other person; hopefully more than they imagined,” Malcolm confides. “I am completely focussed on giving them passionate service with the desired intimacy. I will listen to what she needs, wants and requests from me, and give her the best physical and emotional feelings I can!”

In fact, “I am a natural hopeless romantic that cherishes extensive, gentle lovemaking sessions,” he says. However, “there is also an ever-expanding dominant side of me that craves (consensual) aggressive, wild, extremely passionate power exchanges that may include kink/BDSM, role-playing, impact play, or just very sweaty, sexy hardcore fucking!”

The bottom line: “ I like a lot of kinds of sex, and can be a well-balanced partner for many sexual situations including threesomes, foursomes, orgies and more; I’m a sex machine!” Malcolm declares. “But in a nutshell, I would say to a woman: My name is Malcolm Lovejoy, and I am a Professional Love Maker. How may I help your body feel like Heaven today?”

Of course, many men claim to be sex machines; delivering on that promise as ineffectively as a Chevette posing as a Porsche. So we asked Mr. Lovejoy for his qualifications for the task at hand. In point form, he offered the following salient replies:

• Well-endowed, physically athletic sex machine with a big imagination and even bigger heart!

• Extremely passionate pussy-eater, often to the point of providing squirting orgasms.

• Excellent conversationalist open to listening to any issue: family, health, emotional, and personal.

• Hands of Gold massage touch; very relaxing vibrations given easily to sore muscles to relieve stress

• good kisser like that Usher song. I’m kind-of a make-out expert, actually! Second base is fun :)

• Open to new ideas; I’m a bit of a ‘try-sexual’. I’ll try anything that attracts me once or twice! 

Impressive CV, to be sure. So how did Malcolm Lovejoy make the move from gifted amateur to professional love maker? “Making love for a living has ALWAYS been my dream job,” he replies. “I started doing music when I was 13 because I realized, ‘you can travel to a new city every night and make love to new female fans!’ Then after a while, I just removed music as the middle man, and simply made lovemaking my job. (The music can play in the background, though.)”

But make no mistake: the fact that Malcolm Lovejoy enjoys being a male courtesan does not mean he takes the work lightly. In fact, “I think being a courtesan is actually the MOST honorable job a human being can choose to do, as it is physical as well as psychological, emotional, economical, intellectual, and at its most wonderful moments, it’s spiritual, too,” he tells Allegra’s blog. “Making sexual dreams come true and getting paid for it? Best job in the world! Work is play and play is work. I love it.”

Meanwhile, the fact that Malcolm Lovejoy has joined the Allegra Escorts Collective speaks to his deep regard and respect for women; both personally and professionally. “I joined the Allegra collective because I 100% believe in their philosophies around sexuality, feminism, empowerment, self-determination, human expression and cultural diversity,” Malcolm explains. “Also, I was friends with a few of the co-workers already before I even joined, and love and adore them already, so it was really an honor to be chosen to join the collective. I truly look forward to being a love provider to as many people as possible, and being a part of Allegra’s Collective will help me do that more than almost anything I can imagine. My appreciation knows no depth.”

“One of the biggest misconceptions, out of many, I’d say, is the idea that men can’t be escorts, for one, or that women shouldn’t have to pay for sex, or that escorting is for sleazy, stupid people, which is diametrically opposite to the entire truth of everything I have experienced from day one as a porn actor/star, sex worker, and escort,” he adds. “Truly, my associates are some of the most spiritually civilized, emotionally advanced, intellectually gifted and sexually evolved human beings I have ever had the eternal pleasure to become friends, lovers and comrades with in the struggle to fight for love and justice in the world.”

Back to pleasure. When a woman decides to spend time with Malcolm Lovejoy, what can she expect? “JOY!” he replies using ALL-CAPS. “Orgasmic bliss. Passionate connection deluxe. I connect to each moment with total intensity and give myself to every single opportunity to share intimacy. As I said: I love to turn fantasies into memories. So, I would like to offer almost anything a woman can imagine, because my optimism and energy will show up to manifest almost anything she can dream of!”

Meanwhile, when it comes to pleasing women, Malcolm Lovejoy loves to serve “women of all kinds, sizes, ages (18-80+) and all races, cultures and sexual orientations that are attracted to me!” he says. “I also am open to intimate encounters with transgendered people, but depending on the person, some boundaries would have to be discussed. But I’m still very open to becoming intimate with trans folks. At the end of the day, I do consider my top specialty ‘Goddess Worship’, in all of its forms of loving women.”

As for couples who are considering adding Malcolm’s hot spiciness to their relationship, or indeed any third person? “If they want to have an ongoing relationship with someone who is a third partner to them, I would suggest they both clearly discuss the physical/sexual/emotional boundaries that are allowed to be engaged with the third person, and what is completely off limits at all times, to establish what kind of sexual friendship will be grown from this new triad of trust and touch,” Malcolm advises. “I’d suggest they first discuss with each other what they desire to feel most in the sexual experience, and what they definitely do NOT want to experience, to create boundaries of protection against a potentially-traumatizing occurrence, as well as the rules of disengagement after the erotic encounter, for instance, can anyone talk/touch the third person again after the fun is done if so desired? Discuss accordingly!”

Clearly, Malcolm Lovejoy is as much a man of intelligence and compassion as he is a creature of passion and desire. He is also a man who wants to hear what women want from him, while knowing the boundaries of his self-respect and integrity.

“I genuinely appreciate when women choose to have the courage to verbally express the sexual desires they would like me to provide them,” Malcolm says. “It’s a thing that is not encouraged enough in this society, and I REALLY want to change that. They don’t have to demand it, they simply just need to express it. Ask, and she shall receive. Your wish is my command, angel! Request the sexual needs you would like to have met, and I will meet you there. I have a lot of energy to give. I have a lot of patience to play. I have a lot of joy to share. So let’s take you where your fantasies are… then let’s see what it feels like to go beyond them.”

As far as what’s unacceptable to Malcolm? “Derogatory comments about race are an absolute no-no,” he replies. “Forever. Sexist comments disrespecting ANY women’s beauty or ANY women’s sexuality are also *not* welcome around me. I also do not want my services to be undervalued because I’m a man; that would be unfortunate to have to address. And I do not want to be pressured to exploring fantasies beyond my boundaries, even though I speak of being very open-minded and adventurous, which is true. The thing is: Everyone HAS a limit, even if they can absorb infinite whippings. My no means no, too.

“ I look forward to giving as much satisfaction and passion as each day can possibly allow to happen, and to be generously compensated for my insatiable dedication to pleasureful action would be the most perfect icing to put on the heaven cake that is this playful work,” Malcolm concludes. “The essence of escorting is truly a lifelong dream for me, and I look forward to showing the world a timeless example of what a fearless, shameless, honest, passionate lover is!