Peter Dingwall’s Top 10 Ways to be a Favourite Client – Part 1

January 29, 2016

Allyson Creighton

There are good clients, great clients, and then there are clients like Peter Dingwall (@Peter_Dingwall on Twitter) who just plain *get it*.

Out of the goodness of his heart and the sheer intelligence of his observant brain – my words – not his – Peter Dingwall recently posted “Dingwall’s top 10 ways to be a favourite client” on Twitter. His words are posted in their entirety below:

BEFORE you arrive

1) Research a lady to find out limits, preferences, etc

2) If possible connect on Twitter and start a conversation

3) Provide references before being asked

4) Shave and shower just before and don’t wear cologne

5) Wear a great suit & tie, and your best shoes

6) Always bring a present

7) Don’t eat nuts, seafood, garlic, onions or strongly flavoured food 

8) Get a manicure before 

9) Arrive 15 minutes early but only call up 5 minutes before

10) Just before you knock, think of the best thing in your life so you start with a smile

If shrines were built by SPs to blessed clients, Dingwall would be the first in line to have one built in his honour. Since this has yet to happen, we decidedf to recognize Peter Dingwall’s wisdom – and spread it around – by interviewing hiom for Allegra’s Blog:

Allyson: What led you to develop your list?

Peter Dingwall: The list was tweeted when I reached 100 Twitter followers. Everyone agrees that this was better than posting nudes picture of myself.

Allyson: What was your motivation?

Peter Dingwall: I guess that I had heard too many horror stories from some of SPs that I have been blessed to know. One lady said, “I wish my clients did half of the things on the list”. Also, it serves as a good checklist for me too. I have been guilty not doing things on the list.

Allyson: Walk us through your list; what is the thinking behind it?

Peter Dingwall: I would have thought every item was self-explanatory but there have been discussions on some items. Ten items is a bit arbitrary and the list could certainly be expanded.If I had to reorder the list, I would put “Connect on Twitter” as the first item. Time and time again I have been charmed by the intelligence and sensitivity of many of the SPs on Twitter. There are a lot of hot SPs out there, but I have seen ladies based on their tweets and DMs.

Allyson: You have since added “Part 1″ to your list since first posting it. Why so?

Peter Dingwall: Originally it was going to be just “Top 10 ways to be a favourite client”. I quickly realized that I have way more than ten items so I went with a theme for each part. Part 2 will be posted when I reach 200 followers.

Allyson: How do the SPs you favour respond to your courteous and respectful treatment of them?

Peter Dingwall: A very wise, ex-SP that I am friends with, Liz, said that you only get what you put into a relationship with an SP. Truer words were never spoken.The other thing that I quickly realized about SPs is their almost uncanny ability to read me in less than a minute. Meeting one with a big smile and genuine respectful politeness puts SPs at ease.Other than treating every session like the most important date of your life, I would say that reviews are a two-way street. A great reference from a regular is like platinum to any new lady that you want to see. 

Allyson: So what will Part 2 cover?

Peter Dingwall: The CRITICAL importance of foreplay.

Allyson: In closing, tell us a bit about yourself and your high regard for SPs.

Peter Dingwall: Certainly ,as this will push the readers that have not already nodded off over the edge. I am the same height, have the same blue eyes and have the “hair-cut” as my avatar. I started seeing escorts after my marriage ended but I am convinced that if I had seen escorts during my marriage I would not have got divorced. Escorts save marriages.