It’s the news that Ottawa-area residents and tourists have been waiting for: The Allegra Escorts Collective (AEC) has opened a new incall location in downtown Ottawa; just footsteps away from all the action (or inaction) on Parliament Hill.

That’s right: The stunning beauty, smouldering sensuality and heady passion that Allegra’s gifted service providers (SPs) offer to fortunate male/female clients and couples in the GTA will now be available in Ottawa. Afficionados who have looked longingly at the delectable escorts who teasingly delight clients in Toronto, will have a chance to savour their talents personally in Canada’s capital! Plus they’ll also have the chance to meet local beauties who share the values (and various hunger) of the AEC; all in formerly uptight Ottawa! Rejoice indeed!

Now the decision to open an incall in Ottawa is based on strong customer demand, says AEC’s lead goddess Allegra.

“We’ve had a few of our Toronto SPs visit Ottawa over the past year, and while they were there, we were able to provide them with the same booking support services that we provide for them here in Toronto,” she explains. “After a few times doing this, we thought there was opportunity to do it on a more regular basis, and since we’ve grown so much in Toronto, it seemed wise to move into a new market.”

“From a clientele perspective, we often arrange bookings in Toronto for gents and couples visiting from Ottawa or Montreal, and we have a lot of our Toronto-based clients asking us who they should visit in those cities.” Allegra adds. “I’ve given out countless references to Ottawa SPs on behalf of our Toronto clients who travel there, so we’re happy to provide them with the opportunity to stick with a familiar organization during their travels.”

The delectable Ottawa native Lily Jaymes is the ‘courtesan in charge’ of Allegra’s new incall, and she’s delighted with her new position. (For privacy reasons, the location of Allegra’s Ottawa location is being kept confidential; save for SPs and the fortunate clients who will meet them there.)

“The new incall is in a great central location that is easily accessible by transit or foot and has plenty of parking nearby,” says Lily. “There are many lovely restaurants and shops in the vicinity — including Venus Envy for a quick stop for adult toys before a call if the need comes up. The incall itself is a very modern building with a simple open design with sophisticated high end finishes. It is well stocked, giving it that hotel amenity feel but is secure and private. It also boasts a great view with floor-to-ceiling windows.”

Not that you’ll be looking at the view outside, of course. But it is still nice to know that it’s there. ;)

But will Allegra’s Ottawa incall really, truly play host to the AEC’s famed Toronto SPs, and their panoply of erotic delights; plus the most enticing of local SPs? Is this fantasy actually a dream come true?

“Of course!” replies Allegra. “In fact, that’s the primary reason that we launched the location. So many of our Toronto SPs were interested in traveling to Ottawa, so rather than deal with late hotel check-in times and nosy housekeeping, we opted to find a safe, discreet location that would serve our purposes better.”

This said, the beauty, sensuality, and electric allure of the National Capital Region’s homegrown SPs should not be missed by visitors here. After all, would you travel to Paris and not sample the local cuisine? Or course not!

“There are a lot of exceptional local independent SPs that our AEC SPs are looking forward to working beside,” says Lily. “The opportunity for AEC girls to work with Ottawa area girls will only benefit the SPs and clients with more options and safety in having the lines of communication available between everyone. The duo options for bringing these two cities together are endless! And trios too.”

“Interest in the new location and Allegra’s expansion to Ottawa has already been noticed by local SPs, and we are now building a local roster of Allegra SPs,” she adds. “Meanwhile, our clients have had very positive reactions to the incall. They love its convenient downtown location, and notice how nice the unit itself is; when they’re not being too distracted by their favourite SPs, of course!”

As for the specific kinds of naughtiness that Allegra clients can indulge in the new Ottawa incall? “You can count on all the same kinds of naughtiness that we enjoy in Toronto!” Allegra laughs, “I’m sure there are plenty of politicians and bureaucrats who will be eager to indulge! ;-)”

For years, Ottawa has been called “the town that fun forgot”. But now the Allegra Escorts Collective is here, things have changed. With AEC’s luscious ladies bringing the heat, the nation’s capital is starting to sizzle.

“We are certainly doing our part!” declares Allegra. “It’s more about expanding our model and bringing our values to Ottawa. We’re built on three main principles — we’re ethical, we’re professional, and we’re reliable — and we know that Ottawa clients will appreciate these principles, and support us on that basis.”

“We’d love to make your acquaintance,” sighs Lily Jaymes. “Once you come to our Ottawa incall, you’ll discover that fun hasn’t forsaken this city after all.”