Why They Seek Our SPs: Allegra’s Clients Speak Out

December 27, 2016

Allyson Creighton

Look through the web, and you’ll find all kinds of experts and pseudo-experts explaining why clients hire service providers; with an overabundance of finger-wagging and shaming attached to most of these analyses. The funny thing is, these experts rarely talk to actual clients to find out why they seek SPs; especially independent, self-directed SPs like the people who work together at the Allegro Escorts Collective. So we did, and here is what two of our esteemed clients have to say. One of them is Celticman, who describes himself as “an older guy still pursuing youthful pleasures!” The other is Marcus, whose answers below also speak well for him.

Allyson: When and why did you decide to first hire an escort? What were the factors that led to this decision?

Celticman: 2009. I had not been in a relationship for some time, and missed this part of life. This also tied in with being a life-long thrill seeker: I still race motorbikes and box once a month.

Marcus: The lead up to seeing an escort for me was a long one and something I had wanted to try for a number of years. I finally booked in January of 2013 with a beautiful independent Toronto girl. For me, the need to explore this world was a blend of curiosity, vulnerability, ego and confidence. I wanted what I can only assume most clients want: The attention of a beautiful person experienced in the delivery of fantasy and pleasure as a primary professional objective.  I was seeking someone dedicated to me, without knowledge of me, sheltered by the knowledge and security afforded me by the very transactional nature of the business. An additional factor in the timing of the decision was my overall satisfaction with my career and comfort with my financial situation. This is important as I have an addictive personality, knowing fully that I would want to experience this on an ongoing basis. And it felt naughty and wrong.

Allyson: Was hiring an escort an easy decision to make? What feelings did you go through?

Celticman: It was not an easy decision to make at all. In my personal and business life I am regarded as one of those “Pillars of the Community”, and I thought that seeing escorts hardly fit that part of life. From outside the sex worker/client world, looking in and pondering the first step I had to wonder “what am I getting into; what sort of women are these; is it safe; disease etc.?”  Little did I know that there are so many great women in this business with truly kind hearts.

Marcus: Deciding to see an escort was neither an easy decision nor a hard one. Carefully thought out, my biggest hesitation came from the knowledge that I may not actually be comfortable enough to really let myself enjoy the date. 

Allyson: So how did you ‘shop around’ to find the right escort for you? What were you looking for?

Marcus: I researched review boards at first, then agency and indy websites. I knew I wanted an intelligent escort, youthful in exuberance and humour – an escort who was confident and open and experienced enough to read the rhythm of the encounter.  Certain physical attributes are consistent and important when I choose. This can be difficult as discerning certain things with the information available is challenging.

Celticman: I looked at reviews, both in terms of the content and to some degree the integrity of the reviewer. I also looked at the way that some of the ladies posted. Was it helpful? Informed? Was there humour? Warmth? For a type, I started off looking for Caucasian MILFs. But I soon found out that I can find a comfort level with all nationalities and I have seen escorts from 19 to 65.

Allyson: What clues told you which escorts to contact?

Celticman: At the beginning, it was the qualities noted in my last answer, and the services that I thought would make my side of the date enjoyable.

Marcus: The clues that led to my first choice were gleaned from pictures and website info or posts that the girl had written herself, rather than reviews regarding her service. From there it was intuition and hope. This is where my personal intuition was relied upon. I contacted three indy girls and the responses varied in timeliness, attitude, mood and validation regarding the details being expressed and sought.  

Allyson: So how did they respond, and how did you book your first meeting?

Marcus: It was the responses of one of the three that sealed it. She was professional, timely and attentive, thought-provoking and suggestive, as well as well-articulated and educated. She made me feel like seeing her was as important to her as it was to me.

Celticman: When I began to see escorts I was amazed at the great quality of responses. Friendly, informative, and  reassuring. Back then, and it holds true today, I think that as a client it greatly helps starting with a fairly brief, polite email covering the basics and not starting a time-consuming back and forth. My first meetings were all email followed up with a phone call, as requested.

Allyson: Okay, so now the Big Day was approaching. How did you feel in the run-up to that meeting?

Celticman: My feelings in the run-up to that meeting were a mixture of apprehension, anticipation and excitement. I was pretty darn nervous, which is not my nature. The lady knew that this was my first time. I was really relieved when she instantly put me at ease with a really warm welcome.

Marcus: In the run-up to our date, I was excited, nervous, anxious and ready; all made much more intense by the communication between us. I was feeling as though I had made the right choice.

Allyson: What was your first experience with an escort actually like?

Marcus: The experience itself was awkward for certain. It was a four hour in-call and it took me a very long time to relax.  It was made easier by her seemingly genuine interest in me and what I wanted. Overall, it was a very good physical experience but perhaps not soul-shaking.

Celticman: It was pretty close to natural in “real life”. We had things in common, laughed a lot, and shared a few sexcapade experiences. The part that was different/better than real life was the absence of any question or tension about whether we were going to have sex!

Allyson: So how did this first experience with an SP meet and differ from your expectations?

Celticman: The entire experience was better than my expectation. The lady was attractive; a terrific person and a demon in bed. The venue was first class in every respect. None of my apprehensions about what am I getting into came close to the fun time that I had. In fact, I was really lucky. The first three escorts that I saw were all great experiences. That said, I just about ran home screaming after lady number four. I recall thinking with some humour at the time that it was a good job that she was not my first experience or surely I would never have tried again! The lesson learned was check a few reviews!

Marcus: Physically, my expectations were met and exceeded. I had deduced correctly when it came to certain physical attributes that I desired. She was fun, humorous, confident and smart but there existed a cool space between us that I attribute to the nature of the business. Over time, and as I continued to see her exclusively when I was in Toronto, the cool space began to diminish as I became more comfortable with her, and her more knowledgeable of me.

Allyson: What have your experiences with escorts been like since then, and have you modified your expectations at all as a result of experience?

Celticman: I have almost invariably had great experiences with escorts from the very beginning. I avoid Back Page and stick with well known indy or agency ladies. There have a very few times when I have visited a lady with great reviews and the session has been completely flat. In the overall picture I have just seen it as one of those things, and attributable to not clicking with no harm or foul attributable to either of us. As I mentioned earlier, I now have a completely diverse taste in type. If it seems like the right lady, then age, race, height and so on are very secondary. I started off with lingerie and lipstick requests, but now I just suggest whatever makes the lady feel comfortable. Now I occasionally seek out a lady that can combine GFE with some kink, and that would be one difference from my earlier days.

Marcus: I would say most, if not all, of my experiences with escorts have been good to great. I think this has a lot to do with my demeanour, my generosity and my respect for the wonderful ladies in this profession. While my expectations remain fairly consistent with when I first started, I have modified my behaviours slightly in that I don’t always have to have very long encounters, nor do I have to only see indy ladies. Toronto has an abundance of wonderful female escorts and some pretty solid agencies as well.

Allyson: Finally, what advice would you have for newbies considering hiring an escort for the first time?

Celticman: Look for established ladies, preferably who have some reviews. Take the time to see who wrote the reviews and consider if their approach is likely reflective of a reliable source of information. 

Marcus: Review boards may be a good tool for finding escorts, but the reviews are not a good tool for selecting one. The information is very subjective and sometimes fraudulent so beware

Celticman: If the lady has a preferred method of contact, use it. 

Marcus: I would also really take the time to know what it is you’re looking for, communicate it in a respectful manner — and never, ever try to negotiate rates

Celticman: There is no question that the women hate off-hand manners and coarse language in emails. Make sure that you are polite and informative when you make contact, especially providing information that the escort has requested in her advertising. Show up for the session on time, clean and sober, and even if you have just showered 30 minutes ago, hop in the shower to put her mind at ease. 

Marcus: For newbies I would suggest first and foremost, be a gentleman. Be nice, respectful, and generous and kind, and you will have a good time more often than not. 

Celticman: I always bring a small gift, usually a bottle of wine in a gift bag, where I also place the fee. It is a simple ice-breaker and is well received. Finally, it is natural to be nervous seeing an escort for the first time; we all were. Keep in mind that the lady of your choice is good at this, has done it before and will help you to relax in no time at all. 

Allyson: My thanks to both of you for taking part. Each of you is the kind of respectful, thoughtful client that our SPs are pleased to share pleasure with!