The Sultry, Delectable Vivien Lake

December 21, 2016

Allyson Creighton

Luxurious rich chocolate skin wrapped around a shapely 5′ 10″, 42D-30-38 frame. Short, kinky hair and a warm Caribbean smile that will take you straight to the islands: This is the sultry, delectable, and delicious Vivien Lake.

“My look is all about simplicity, allowing my body and mind to speak for themselves,” says Vivien. “My lovers describe me as warm and deeply sensual.” And although she has been known to blush, “don’t mistake that for shyness,” Vivien laughs. “I’m quite the little slut when I wish to be!”

As warm and inviting as she is open-minded, Vivien Lake’s menu of earthly delights is definitely varied. It includes GFE/PSE, BBBJ/CBJ, COB, DATY, Submission, Spanking + Flogging (light to medium), Bondage (“a willing and eager rope bunny,” she says), LFK, CFS, GS (giving), Face Sitting, Russians, and Cuddles; either by herself or in duos.

“I like to think that I’m a pretty great improviser, which I think is pretty integral to a fulfilling sexual encounter,” Vivien says. “This means that I can provide a wide range of experiences; all of which depend on who I’m with and what kind of chemistry we can create.”

“The most fun I have with any new encounter is finding untapped regions of my own sexuality and play that I hadn’t thought to explore,” she adds. “As someone who identifies as Queer I provide services to just about anyone under the sun as long as they’re respectful and communicative; meaning men, women, non-binary folk, couple –the possibilities are endless!”

An intelligent woman, Vivien Lake decided to become a service provider (SP) after doing a lot of soul searching into what she wanted to make of her life. “I went through all of my relevant skills and interests and I realized pretty quickly that sex work fit all of my strong suits,” she says. “I’m a deeply empathetic person and so intimacy and connection are something I try to find in everyone – sexually or otherwise!”

“I also really enjoy sex and have since I was young, but more importantly I think of it as one of the most vulnerable acts one can participate in; and something everyone should have access to if they so desire,” Vivien continues. “I really love being able to draw someone out of their shell and have them enjoy themselves without a thought about whether they look silly or if they are doing everything right. I have an uncanny ability to hold space for people’s vulnerabilities and strive to foster trust and a feeling of warmth and safety, which I think is pretty integral to the relationship between an SP and their client.”

“As well, I would really like to add my voice to the discourse on sex work as work and other nuances of the profession and felt very uncomfortable writing about something I had never done myself,” she concludes with a chuckle. “So here we are!”

Part of Vivien Lake’s thought process into becoming a service provider was deciding how she wanted to pursue her profession. “I joined Allegra because I immediately saw how tightknit its members are and how much they support each other,” she says. “Community is important to me in all aspects of my life. Having an opportunity to be a part of one as dynamic and unique as this one was just too good an offer to pass up – not to mention that it eased my mind immensely to know that we are all looking out for each other’s safety and well-being.”

People wishing to spend time with Vivien Lake need to know that, for her, the most important part of any potential relationship is communication. “I am really invested in setting up boundaries that ensure both of our safety and enjoyment,” says Vivien. “ I like to talk things over before and as the session is happening as I think intimacy is best enjoyed playfully, with no firm expectations on how things will play out or look like. I am very much a person who appreciates giggle fits mid-coitus and definitely like to hear feedback about how things are going or what I can do to make it even better.”

“I really like having quick discussions about how people are feeling in their bodies that day including what parts need attention, which should be ignored or avoided as well as any insecurities that might be lurking so as to provide the right kind of support to make the session a safe and welcoming experience,” she shares. “It helps me feel better equipped to be present and attentive in the session as well as let me know more about you.”

On the flip side, “things that are not acceptable in my book are breaches of consent, no matter how trivial,” says Vivien. “Sneakiness and coercion really rub me the wrong way; most especially in intimate settings. Be upfront about your needs but also receptive to boundaries. Period. My body, just like everybody else’s is sacred and trespassers beware!”