The Delectable Asher Leigh

January 30, 2017

Allyson Creighton

Imagine a pretty, smart, curvy brunette with full natural breasts (size F!), sparkling blue eyes, a winning smile, and a sex positive attitude: That’s Allegra’s Asher Leigh. She’s a soft-spoken, sweet courtesan that is “eager to please and make people feel comfortable,” says Asher – and “I love to cuddle!”

An open-minded escort who caters to couples of all genders, Asher Leigh is a friendly sexual companion with a wealth of specialties. These include Role Play, Toys, Light BDSM, Cuddling, Massage, BBBJ, and CFS.

“I can provide everything from GFE to the porn star experience,” she confides. “I like to kiss and cuddle. I can also blow your mind with my mouth!”

“I am quite comfortable taking the lead in the bedroom” she continues. “So if you’d enjoy paying worshipful homage to my inner goddess, I’d be happy to oblige.”

Now 24, Asher Leigh is a relative newcomer to professional pleasure provision. “I decided to be a courtesan this past year because I love connecting with other people,” she says. “Beside, sex has always been so fun and fascinating for me!”

She also values being a member of the Allegra Escorts Collective. “I love Allegra’s because I feel respected and safe,” says Asher. “We attract a certain type of clientele; namely mature and kind men and women.”

So how can you win the respect and indulgence of this lovely vixen? “I’m attracted to people who value consent and mutual pleasure,” Asher advises. “I won’t tolerate rudeness. I’m a softie who like wants to cuddle and giggle.”

As for maximizing your mutual pleasure during an encounter? The secret, says Asher Leigh, is for clients to “tell me what they’re looking for that day, so I can plan how we spend our time together in the most beneficial way.”

“I love to take my time, go slow and build up the sexual tension. I like teasing … and firm hands make me melt.”