At first glance, the lovely Tegan West is the perfect gorgeous girlfriend. With smooth, ivory skin, bright hazel eyes, and long auburn hair, Tegan has classic European looks. She comes in a tiny package, standing at 5’3″ with soft curves and full, firm 32C breasts.

Personality-wise, Tegan West is a homebody who likes quiet nights in with a movie or good book. (She has a curious mind, with a friendly demeanour and dry wit.) But Tegan does like to go out from time to time. Her perfect night on the town starts at a restaurant with some inventive sharing plates; leading to a small club for a live performance. Comedy, drag and burlesque are Tegan’s favourites … meaning that there is more to this petite package than initially meets the eye.

“I am, first and foremost, a GFE provider,” says Tegan West. “But I have also seen several men with more submissive tendencies (that usually seek platonic encounters) that are kink-focused. I thoroughly enjoy CBT (cock and ball torture), trampling, flogging and sounding.” According to Kinkopedia, “Sounding – also known as cock stuffing – is the practice of inserting something into the urethra.”. (And yes, Kinkopedia does exist; you can look it up on Google.)

“My services are available to men, women, couples, and folks who are trans,” this beauty with a trace of a domme continues. “I’m also interested in providing cuckolding sessions, though I haven’t explored this yet.”

Given that Tegan West’s full range of services also include GFE/SGFE; LFK, BBJ/CBJ, daty, dato (receive only), CFS, cuddling, massage, COB, foot worship, and pegging (BYOT), this petite goddess is obviously adventurous, open-minded, and versatile.

“I think that what myself and a client can share is very beautiful,” says Tegan. “People often have this reductive outlook towards sex workers, but the vulnerability and openness that is required from us, as well as clients, too, is so special to me.”

“I have had an equal mix of regulars who acquire GFE services, in addition to many that want to explore kink,” she adds. “The latter has always been very fascinating to me, though it was something that I was never really able to carry out in my personal life due to partners feeling uncomfortable. My work has provided a safe haven for me, and I hope my clients can say they feel the same.”

Tegan West chose to become a professional courtesan in December 2016. “Joining the industry was something that I mulled over in my head for a couple of years, prior to actually doing so,” she confides. “I felt such a strong curiosity about this work, and am so glad that I got involved.”

“I feel this work is extremely therapeutic; I get to be my true self, and feel as though that is embraced. It allows me stability, and the time to also dedicate myself to other interests of mine. I’ve never had so much freedom prior.”

Tegan West is very proud to be a member of the Allegra Escorts Collective.

“I had my eyes peeled on Allegra for a while, and actually wished I had applied sooner,” she says. “I love that with Allegra, we have creative control over our image; I had always felt boxed-in to a certain degree, wherever I had worked prior. I appreciate that Allegra offers a support system that is similar to that provided by a conventional agency. But Allegra gives its members the ability to take screening measures into our own hands, which is an added bonus. I love that I can really get a feel for the people I’m about to see.”

Curious to spend some sensuous time with Tegan West? Then you’ll want to know how to make the very best impression on this delectable creation!

Here’s what you need to know.

It all starts with first contact: “I feel that the first email exchange with a client is so telling,” says Tegan. “If they’re reaching out to me directly, they should be leading with two references, and a number they are reachable at. I will request this in my response, and if this isn’t offered within the first couple of exchanges, they don’t appear serious. From my experiences thus far, a booking never materializes in these instances.”

When the magical first meeting occurs, be on your very best gentlemanly (or lady-like) behaviour. “I understand that a service is being paid for, though common courtesy should be extended both ways,” she advises. “This benefits the client as much as it does me, if not more so.”

“I can assure you, showing good manners and being respectful is key to having an enjoyable session. You will get the same in return from your companion in tenfold.”

More tips from Tegan West:

“Please shower when you reach my incall space, or before I am arriving to your hotel. There’s no fun in having to grill someone during time together that should have been lighthearted. A little mouthwash has never hurt anyone, either!”

“No means no. If I am firm about something, it does not mean that I want to hear you offer me extra money to reconsider my boundaries, or I am trying to coax you into coming back; to see if I have a change of heart, should you repeat. I like to keep things playful, and it’s nothing short of disheartening when someone repeatedly nags, or worse, physically does overstep a boundary. Behaviour of this kind is a sure way to get yourself blacklisted.”

In the same vein, ‘yes means yes’, so don’t be afraid to respectfully share and request your personal fantasies that fit within the range of services Tegan West has to offer. (As I said before, they are broad.)

“I find that the best, stand-out encounters, be it ones I experience as Tegan or in my personal life, always come down to open communication,” she says. “I love confidence! Everybody likes different things, so I cannot tell you how excited I feel when someone enthusiastically expresses what they’re into. This is, at least in my opinion, what makes for a great sexual encounter! I feel like with me, preferences entirely depend on the mood, and my established chemistry with that person and their comfortability.”

“I like a bit of everything, but am usually the one in control, and always feel most turned-on then,” Tegan West concludes. That’s her ‘touch of the domme’ coming through again. Aren’t you just dying to submit?!