Walk on the Wild Side with Stephanie Scarlet

March 10, 2016|

Allyson Creighton

Even before Lou Reed released his 1972 hit teasing listeners about sultry tgirl loving, people have fantasized about the erotic joys of women who come with “something extra”. If this fantasy has been keeping you – and the most important part of your anatomy – up at night, then Stephanie Scarlet is the tgirl to help you turn fantasy into reality. 

With hazel eyes, reddish/brown hair, a fully functional thick 8 incher, and a lithe 32A-30-36 body that begs to be explored from top to bottom, Stephanie is eager to help you explore your deepest tgirl desires. Her varied menu includes LFK/DFK, Digits, COB, CFS, CBJ, HJ, MSOG, MPOS, Role Play, Toys, light BDSM, Domination (including but not limited to: rope, spanking, and flogging), Cuddling, and Massage for singles and couples of all genders; either by herself or in a duo with another Allegra seductress.

Stephanie Scarlet is particularly happy to help first-timers dive into the pool of transsexual passion. This said, she is quick to advise those anticipating this plunge to do their homework first. “Make sure you find one you’re going to make a connection with,” says this luscious tgirl. “As much as it can be fun to try something new, you’ll have an even better time if you match up with a personality that fits with your own.”

When walking on the wild side for the first time, lighten up! “Remember that fantasy is great, but real life can throw you a few curves,” Stephanie advises. “Don’t get too caught up worrying about the details and let yourself enjoy the moment so you can walk away looking back on a positive experience.”

One thing is certain: Stephanie Scarlet is the right sexy, smart, and motivated companion to accompany you on a journey of sexual exploration. “I do this because it’s fun and I’m here to have a blast,” she says. “I’m a flirt and cuddle slut, meaning I love physical contact. Touch me and listen to all the little happy noises that will escape from my ruby red lips.”

As for fantasy role–playing? Stephanie is your courtesan of choice! “I love dress up and costumes, and it always puts a big smile on my face when I get asked to wear something specific or am given something to wear,” she says. Meanwhile, the enticing beauty you see in this tgirl is anything but unreal: “I’m a natural beauty not taking any hormones, just blessed with excellent genes,” says Stephanie.

Okay; so now you are intrigued and considering your own walk on the wild side. Now it’s time to get to know Stephanie better as a worthy person to be pleased; not just a deserved object of blood-pulsing desire.

Hint One: Be open about what you want from your time together. “I really like to get a good vibe from my partners,” Stephanie explains. “Are they looking to take the lead, or waiting for me take charge?”

“Once I know that, well then it’s lots of flirting,” she continues. “I love that witty back and forth, teasing, and innuendo. This gives me a chance to figure out just the sorts of things that really get them going. Once we’re face to face everything falls into place and we can laugh, play, and have an enthusiastically great time.”

Hint Two: Stephanie Scarlet is a courtesan by choice. “I’d been thinking about doing sex work for a few years, but finally jumped in with both feet, legs spread, last year,” she laughs. “I can be a bit insatiable when it comes to my sex drive, so it’s a good outlet. When I was just barely old enough, I even booked time with a mistress who showed me a great time.”

“I’ve friends who’ve done sex work and I enjoyed hearing about their experiences. I hoped I could have the same sort of fun,” she adds. This is why Stephanie linked up with the Allegra Escorts Collective: “I joined because it gave me a safe, discreet place to work from,” she says. “Up until that point I was hesitant to start doing sex work until I could have those two facets in the mix.”

Hint Three: To say the least, “I offer something a little bit outside the norm,” Stephanie teases. “And I’m not just speaking of my physical bonus accessory: Though it is a substantial bonus, I’m quite happy to be sweet and sensual as I am energetic and raunchy. This said, it’s building that connection that really keeps people coming back.

Hint Four: “I have a few hidden talents that people don’t often think about; such as my magic fingers that are just as good at giving a soothing massage as they are dancing across skin leaving goose bumps in their wake,” she says. (Whew!) “My partners also comment on what an excellent kisser I am. My lips and tongue matching the skills of my magic digits.”

Hint Five: Like all great courtesans, Stephanie Scarlet is deserving of the utmost courtesy and consideration. To hit this standard before meeting her, do all the things you would when getting prepared for a date. Have a shower, wear clean clothes, put on some deodorant, and brush your teeth. “Also please remember that if you’re hoping that I’ll be interacting with your rear, that you’ve got that as clean as possible too, for both our sakes,” says Stephanie. “There’s lots of resources as to what you can do for that and I encourage you to Google them.”

Hint Six: Like Dr. Frank N. Furter in ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’, Stephanie Scarlet is a big believer in the power of fantasy-fuelled antici-PA-tion. In fact, when asked about her favourite part of her job, she replies, “it’s probably that vast amount of teasing before we meet up. Nothing gives me a bigger grin knowing I’ve got one of my partners all hot and bothered. I’ve been told the time leading up to a meeting was just as fun as the time together.”

Finally, one last hint: If you want to put Stephanie Scarlet in a positive frame of mind when you meet, bring along a gift that reflects the true depth of your respectful erotic anticipation. 

“If you bring me a present, then I’ll have the biggest grin the whole time we’re together,’ says this tgirl treasure. “It can be something small like a chocolate bar – I love Aero bars! — or more elaborate like a costume for me to wear for you.”