Why We Joined Allegra – and Why You Should Too!

February 15, 2016

Allyson Creighton

As an independent, worker-controlled collective, Allegra Escorts is always seeking independent service providers seeking a safe, respectful, profitable – and fun! – working environment.

But don’t take our word for it. Let our smart, sexy SPs tell you why they joined the Allegra Escorts Collective – and why you should too.

Cyndall Kent came to the Allegra Escorts Collective because of who we are. “I liked the idea of a business association run by sex workers with the interests of sex workers at heart,” says Cyndall. “Word of mouth had informed me about how highly regarded the Collective was, and that it cared as much or more about the well-being of those within it as it did about making a profit.”

“This made me think that it would be a business I could be happy working with, one that I could improve in and become the best version of myself possible,” she adds. “So far, I’ve always felt extremely secure, confident and well-taken care of while also maintaining the freedom to work independently.”

For Evangelin Baudin, associating with Allegra’s top flight independent escorts was a smart business decision – with benefits. “I joined the Allegra Collective because I am an entrepreneur who wants to be successful,” says Evangeline. “That I should have the opportunity to find community and support amongst other SPs like me is a blessing I could not say no to.”

Carly Wilde chose Allegra to get the professional back office support she prefers, while retaining control of her brand and career. “I joined Allegra because of my past 14 months with an agency makes it difficult and nerve-wracking to go completely out on my own,” says Carly. “I like that Allegra is the best of both worlds: Part agency, part independent; part of a team, part your own business. Allegra is giving me the safety, security and help an agency would; with the freedom for me to represent myself the way I feel I should be represented.”

Lacey Jade learned about Allegra’s positive, pro-SP environment from one of our other associates. “Billy Autumn suggested I check them out after I had experienced a bad ‘agency’,” Lacey says. “With Allegra being the only independent collective out there, it was kind of a no-brainer for me!”

If these reasons aren’t enough, “Allegra herself is someone who has been in the industry in many capacities over a long period of time,” says Cyndall. “Her experience is not only inspiring, but it provides a wealth of information and understanding that isn’t widely found or easily accessible.”

If you are a serious, professional service provider who truly enjoys this career and the people whose lives you enrich, you should be with like-minded SPs in an organization that works for its members; not the other way around. 

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