Why We Joined Allegra – And You Should Too! (Part Two)

September 7, 2016

Allyson Creighton

How time flies when you’re having fun – and being paid well to have sex!

That’s what life is like here at the Allegra Escorts Collective. There’s been a lot of changes over these two and a half years, including some important lessons learned. But in an industry with a very high turnover rate, passing the two year mark proves that we are doing something right not just for our clients, but also the independent, motivated and highly-professional sex workers who make up our collective.

“People come and go all the time; and people do sex work for any number of individual reasons,” muses Allegra. “A lot of people do it as a part time gig; either while they’re in school, or while they’re working towards a professional certification in another field. Others do it in addition to their ‘day jobs’, as a way to make some extra cash, or they ‘moonlight’ as escorts because they really enjoy the experiences but don’t want to do it all the time.”

So why should you, a top-notch, smart, and desirable escort, consider joining the Allegra Escorts Collective? Here are some reasons that our current associates did so.

Michelle Monet joined because the collective is not an agency: It is a cooperative run by its sex worker members, who retain their right to book clients independently as well as through Allegra’s proven booking system. 

“A lot of people aren’t aware that Allegra allows the flexibility to run and manage your business the way you like,” Michelle says. “They are under the impression that Allegra Collective is like the other agencies in this industry – but it isn’t.”

Phedre Nightbloom decided to join the Allegra Escorts Collective “because the group is openly queer positive. There are people of all genders and all body types; including tattooed and pierced SPs,” she says. Like Michelle, Phedre also signed up “we are a collective rather then an agency.”

Jayde Jolie many reasons for teaming up with the collective. Among these are the group’s ‘sex workers helping sex workers’ culture; bolstered by “Allegra’s helpful nature and genuine interest to build girls up,” says Jayde. “There is nothing better than collaborating with someone you see eye-to-eye with.” She also likes the quality and discretion of the collective’s incall locations, plus “our security system and safety measures.”

Malcolm Lovejoy joined the collective “because I one hundred percent believe in their philosophies around sexuality, feminism, empowerment, self-determination, human expression and cultural diversity,” he says. “Also, I was friends with a few of my co-workers already before I even joined, and love and adore them already, so it was really an honour to be chosen to join the collective.”

Malcolm is right: The Allegra Escort Collective is made up of good people just like you, which is perhaps the very best reason to join. “Truly, my associates are some of the most spiritually civilized, emotionally advanced, intellectually gifted and sexually evolved human beings I have ever had the eternal pleasure to become friends, lovers and comrades with,” he says.

“It seems like more of a family with everyone there to look out for each other, and I was not disappointed when I joined,” echoes Phedre Nightbloom. “I’m so very happy to be a part of Allegra!”

If you are a serious, professional service provider who truly enjoys this career and the people whose lives you enrich, you should be with like-minded SPs in an organization that works for its members; not the other way around. 

“No matter why these wonderful people join us in the Allegra Escorts Collective, we try to make sure that their experience is positive, professional, and personally fulfilling,” says Allegra. “I’m happy that we achieve those three goals far more often than not.”

Learn more, and then contact us by going to our Join Our Team page!